iPres 2013

iPres 2013, 2-6 September 2013, Lisbon, Portugal, 

TIMBUS papers. Presentations to follow.




A Framework for Verification of Preserved and Redeployed Processes

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Tomasz Miksa, Stefan Pröll, Rudolf Mayer, Stephan Strodl, Ricardo Vieira, José Barateiro and Andreas Rauber

On the Assessment of Preservability: Method and Application

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Diogo Proença, Gonçalo Antunes, Tomasz Miksa

A Framework for Automated Verification in Software Escrow

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Elisabeth Weigl, Johannes Binder, Stephan Strodl, Barbara Kolany, Daniel Draws, Andreas Rauber

Digital Preservation of a Process and its Application to e-Science Experiments

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Stephan Strodl, Rudolf Mayer, Gonçalo Antunes, Daniel Draws, Andreas Rauber

Leveraging DP in Commercial Contexts through ERM

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Daniel Simon, José Barateiro and Daniel Burda