iPres 2012

iPres 2012, 1-5 October 2012, Toronto, Canada, proceedings

TIMBUS papers, short papers,posters and presentations:



Describing Digtal Object Environments in PREMIS
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Angela Dappert, DPC

Sebastien Peyrard, BNF;
Janet Delve, UoP;
Carol Chou, FLVC

Digital Preservation of Business Processes with TIMBUS Architecture
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Mykola Galushka, Philip Taylor, Wasif Gilani, SAP;
John Thomson, CMS;
Stephan Strodl,SBA;
Martin Alexander Neumann; KIT

Evaluating an Emulation Environment: Automation and Significant Key Characteristics
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Mark Guttenbrunner,
Andreas Rauber, SBA

Assessing Digital Preservation Capabilities Using a Checklist Assessment Method
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Gonçalo Antunes, Diogo Proença, José Barateiro, Ricardo Vieira, Jose Borbinha

Christoph Becker

Towards a Decision Support Architecture for Digital Preservation of Business Processes
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Martin Alexander Neumann, Hossein Miri, KIT;
John Thomson, CMS;
Goncalo Antunes, INESC-ID;
Rudolf Mayer, Michael Beigl, SBA

On the Applicability of Workflow Management Systems for the Preservation of Business Processes
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Stefan Proell, Rudolf Mayer and Andreas Rauber, SBA

Business Process Preservation, How to capture, document & evaluate
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Stefan Strodl, SBA;
Daniel Draws, SQS;
Goncalo Antunes, INESC-ID;
Andreas Rauber, SBA;

Angela Dappert, DPC (diagrams)

On the Complexity ofProcess Preservation: A Case Study on an E-Science Experiment

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Rudolf Mayer, Stefan Strodl, Andres Rauber, SBA;

Proposed Data Model Changes for PREMIS 3.0
(PREMIS Implementation Fair)
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Angela Dappert, DPC

Emulation in the TIMBUS Project
(Workshop: Towards practical emulation tools and strategies)

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Mark Guttenbrunner, SBA