Risk Management and Digital Preservation

Angela Dappert (Digital Preservation Coalition)

icon Risk Management and Digital Preservation (5.87 MB 2011-10-24 14:41:54)

This presentation discusses risk as the central motivator for digital preservation.

We discuss why we need risk assessment for digital collections. We present examples of risks for digital objects and, in particular, discuss how risks extent to the various components of the environment in which digital objects live. We discuss how risk assessment ties in with other digital preservation activities, such as characterization of digital objects, preservation watch, preservation policies, preservation planning and how they finally result in the prioritization of the identified preservation actions. We present examples of risk categories that have been used  (a pragmatic approach as well as a thorough risk assessment at the British Library, The National Archives, UK, risk assessment handbook, Planets risk model). We discuss how risk metrics are computed from information, such as probability and impact measures, which risk management approaches, such as avoidance and mitigation, exist, and, finally, we discuss difficulties in assessing risks.