Event-Driven Process-Centric Performance Prediction via Simulation

Redlich, David; Gilani, Wasif; SAP;
In proceeding of: Business Process Management Workshops - BPM 2011 International Workshops, Clermont-Ferrand, France, August 29, 2011,Selected Papers, Part I;
Business Process Management Workshops;
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing Volume 99, 2012, pp 473-478



Today’s fast, competitive and extremely volatile markets exert a great deal of pressure on businesses to react quicker against the changes, and sometimes even before the changes actually happen. A late action can potentially result in a legal compliance failure or violation of service level agreements (SLA’s). A business analyst needs to be notified before these failures and violations occur. This paper proposes an approach that enables real-time and process-centric decision support in the form of performance prediction as an application of Event-Driven Business Process Management (EDBPM). The ability of simulations to produce future-events, which are of the same type like the live-events generated by the really executed business process, is utilised. Live-events and simulated future-events can therefore be treated by a Complex-Event Processing (CEP) engine in the same way and parameters representing the historic, current, and future performance of the business process can be easily computed.