Legalities Lifecycle Management

LLM ScreenshotWhen digitally preserving business processes, many different considerations must be taken into account, not least among them the complex legal requirements that must be fulfilled. The Legalities Lifecycle Management (LLM) tool serves as a guide to minimise legal risks, especially for companies who want to digitally preserve their business processes but also for anyone interested in the field of digital preservation. The LLM tool provides guidance on legalities issues, including information about intellectual property, IT contracting, data protection and obligations to preserve data, thereby covering the four main issues relating to digital preservation.


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Further Training in the Legalities of Digital Preservation

The Legalities Lifecycle Management tool (LLM) is accompanied by four training modules on the various legal issues that have an impact on digitally preserving business processes.









Watch a demonstration of the LLM tool in the video below.


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