Preservation Identifier

screenshot-preservation-identifierThe Preservation Identifier (PI) is used to provide alternative software packages, tools, or formats for files in TIMBUS context models. The artifacts for which replacements should be determined are specified in a risk file. Using the context model and the risk file the PI creates alternative context models, where one artifact is replaced by a suitable replacement in each alternative model.

Creator: SBA Research

License: Apache License version 2.0

Find at

Go to the Preservation Identifier's page at for more details about installation and source code by following the link above.

More Info about the Preservation Identifier
Rudolf Mayer, Johannes Binder, Stephan Strodl, and Andreas Rauber. Automatic discovery of preservation alternatives supported by community maintained knowledge bases. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPres 2014), Melbourne, Australia, October 6-10 2014

Use the Preservation Identifier
• The Preservation Identifier provides a web service
• A demo instance can be found at:
• A demo client which shows the usage can be found at:

Install the Preservation Identifier
• Build using Maven
• Deploy on a Java web server
• For detailed instructions see the Preservation Identifier's page at here:





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