Debian Software Extractor

This extractor collects metadata for debian software packages, either installed or known to the system, including licenses and installers' remote location. It is able to extract locally or remotely. Besides software packages information, it also tries to collect distribution information.

Caixa Magica Software

Apache version 2.0

Find at

Go to the Debian Software Extractor's page on for more details about requirements, interaction and source code by following the link above.

How to install Debian Software Extractor

  1. Get source code
  2. Compile
  3. Use command-line interface
  4. Using server:
    1. Deploy bundle jar to server
    2. Access Context Population GUI

Create a New Extractor
To learn how to develop an extractor, follow this link to a tutorial by Caixa Magica Software:













Learn more about the Debian Software Extractor in the videos below.

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