XSLT Importer

A Context Integration Tool

The importers extend the Linked Data Integration Framework (LDIF ) with a new importer component that allows interfacing with local extractors and that output plain text or XML data sets. The extractor uses domain specific style sheets to semantically lift arbitrary (semi-)structured data like passwd files, svn repository listing or local command output.

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Find at opensourceprojects.eu

Go to the XSLT Importer's page on opensourceprojects.eu for more details about requirements, interaction and source code by following the link above.

How to install the XSLT Importer

• Local Download and Installation Instruction can be found on the Git Page <https://opensourceprojects.eu/p/timbus/context-population/analysis/ldif/ci/79ba3d5559c3d19f94753276ca694eae1cf5ec0d/tree/> • Precompiled Binary version that includes TIMBUS Integrators <https://opensourceprojects.eu/p/timbus/context-population/analysis/ldif/ci/79ba3d5559c3d19f94753276ca694eae1cf5ec0d/tree/ldif/bin/ldif-single-0.5.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar?format=raw> • Use with Integrator GUI <http://testbed.timbusproject.net:1337/> output or try the TIMBUS Example in the repository <https://opensourceprojects.eu/p/timbus/context-population/analysis/ldif/ci/79ba3d5559c3d19f94753276ca694eae1cf5ec0d/tree/ldif/examples/timbus/>

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