Process Extractor

The tool extracts a process model in BPMN or Archimate format (depending on confirguration by user). The extracted process model (BPMN) can be loaded into the iERM workbench. The input to the tool as an event log of a business process, either in shape of the event log standard XES, or in shape of a CSV file.


Copyright 2013 SAP AG

More Information About This Tool
The tool is described in deliverables D6.5 and D6.10.

A publication on the conformance checking techniques used by the tool is T. Molka, D. Redlich, M. Drobek, A. Caetano, X.-J. Zeng, W. Gilani. Conformance Checking for BPMN-Based Process Models. In: Proceedings of the 29th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, ACM, NY, 2014

Create a New Extractor
To learn how to develop an extractor, follow this link to a tutorial by Caixa Magica Software: 20Extractor/

How to Use the Process Extractor
The extractor is a command line tool. When using the process extractor, the user may provide several parameters to the tool:

  1. input file path: the path to the file containing the event log that is to be mined
  2. output file path: the path where the process extraction result is written to optimisation duration: determines how long the process extraction should run
  3. output type: the type of the output model; this may be either “--bpmn” or “--archi”;
  4. --bpmn: a BPMN model is generated that uses the iERM format,
  5. --archi: an Archimate model is generated, which may be viewed and edited with Archi.
  6. debug: with this optional parameter debug mode can be enabled which informs the user about the process extraction progress, including screenshots of the extracted process models.
  1. Example command for mining a bpmn model from the WP8 sensor acquisition use case: java -jar ./tools/process-miner.jar “./logs/sensor.csv” \ “./models/wp8.bpmn” 20 --bpmn –debug
  2. Or for mining an archimate model from the WP9 event log: java -jar ./tools/process-miner.jar “./logs/drugfusion.xes” \ “./models/drugfusion.archimate” 20 –-archi

The tool requires Java to be installed on the system. Otherwise there is no installation required, simply copy the .jar file to your system.

Learn more about the extractors from the video about the Linux Hardware Extractor.

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