Harmonization of Data Protection within the EU: Urgent need – long negotiations


Barbara Kolany-Raiser,
Silviya Yankova, ITM

"However, the Directive has been implemented unevenly by the member states; for example the term 'data transfer' is defined differently in national laws. This lack of harmonization constitutes a legal risk."





Blog Post: Long-Term Software Maintenance: TIMBUS to the Rescue!


Sven Euteneuer,
Daniel Draws, SQS AG

"The existing contracts provide the framework in which the scope of delivery is made explicit, the point in time at which responsibility is transferred is known, or at least planned, and therefore the risks are fairly well known.

This leaves the technical aspects, i.e. whether the supplier will deliver the necessary artefacts to the customer to take over maintenance and development of the management information system once it is accepted by the customer."



Blog Post: Heterogeneity in Context Extraction


Carlos Coutinho, Caixa Mágica Software

"Extracting information in TIMBUS is more than stating that the application shall be open-sourced, or that it shall be running in Java so that it is able to run in multiple environments and platforms. Each environment has its own needs and requirements, and may be supported by generically established tools and custom extraction mechanisms as well."




Blog Post: Hardware Abstraction as a Preservation Methodology


Michael Nolan, Intel

"An on-going curation function will be needed to ensure that the re-deployment process always has a container available to it that can host our preserved environments and execute them on current generation hardware."




Blog Post: Requirements and Capabilities


Ricardo Vieira, Gonçalo Antunes
and José Borbinha, INESC-ID

"Existing systems engineering methods do not take into account the possibility of using systems for new purposes, which might be different from the original ones"


Ricardo Vieira


José Borbinha