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TIMBUS PhD Student Vacancy at SAP, Zurich

*** Vacancy is now filled ***

SAP are looking for a highly motivated student interested in writing a business related PhD thesis in the area of digital preservation of business processes. SAP Solutions provide a highly qualified and international environment. The concrete topic of the PhD thesis can be tailored to the candidate’s skills and research interests.

Details of the vacancy can be found at .

Digital Preservation Crash Course, Glasgow 19th July

DPC is hosting a one day crash course for the TIMBUS Project on digital preservaiton in Glasgow on 19th July.

This course has been developed in recognition of the fact that TIMBUS partners are currently recruiting staff with no or only limited previous experience in digital preservation. The ‘crash course’ will introduce four key elements of digital preservation – the main players, current and emerging trends in research, current and emerging standards, and other related projects. It will encourage dialogue between partners in the project and help provide clarity to staff engaged in specific work packages.

This event is not open to the public but it will be repeated and materials presented here will be made available and will assist in the project’s workpackages on training.