TIMBUS Partners


Digital Preservation and Digital Resilience

21 May 2012

This is an event addressing the core issues underlying the TIMBUS project.

Resilience is an increasingly important topic in the provision of digital services. Digital technology offers the prospect of ‘24/7’ services, a model which can only be sustained through constant monitoring and planning to ensure continuity of service. Increasing demands on the networks, increasing concerns about security, and increasing economic and social consequences from their failure, makes resilience a pressing concern. Business continuity planning continually refines and extends these protections to ensure that the right services are supplied to the right people at the right time.

Digital preservation is part of resilience planning and shares a core set of concepts and practices with business continuity management. Both work towards robust data provision through processes of risk assessment, disaster planning, security-testing and on-going monitoring; both use replication and redundancy to mitigate or prevent data loss; and both require a detailed understanding of what information is where and who is allowed to access it. But because digital preservation and digital resilience are designed to combat different types of threat, there is a risk that they are not aligned as effectively – or as efficiently – as they could be. How might a digital preservation plan contribute to organisational resilience? How might business continuity management contribute to a long term information strategy?

This DPC briefing day will provide a forum for members to review and debate the latest development in business continuity management and how it aligns with digital preservation. Based on commentary and case studies from leaders in the field, participants will be presented with emerging policies, tools and technologies and will be encouraged to propose and debate new directions for research.

The day will include discussion of key topics such as:

  •  Intelligent enterprise risk management
  •  Disaster planning and disaster recovery
  • Digital continuity
  • Business processes and preservation

Who should come?

This day will be of interest to:

  • Collections managers, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • Data security and resilience planners
  • Tools developers and policy makers in digital preservation and resilience planning
  • Innovators, researchers and investors in information policy and management
  • Innovators, researchers and funders in computing science
  • Vendors and providers of digital preservation and continuity of business services

Registration is free for DPC members who have access to priority registration online at: