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TIMBUS Partners


Vacancy at DPC: 'Head of Research and Practice'

One of the Partners is hiring! DPC is now recruiting a Head of Research and Practice to provide direct support to DPC members, develop and contribute to grant applications and lead on a number of externally-funded research projects, including a new research project on the preservation of transactional data and social media.

TIMBUS Web Launch of Project White Papers

Miksa WhitePaper ScreenshotWork on the TIMBUS Project has been ongoing for four years, in which time TIMBUS concepts and tools have become increasingly refined and sophistocated. To share the gems of these concepts and tools with the wider world, the TIMBUS Partners have developed a series of four White Papers that crystalise the main challenges they have faced and overcome.

The White Papers will address Context Model, TIMBUS Processes, Risk Assessment, and Verification. Verification by Tomasz Miksa has already been published to introduce the series on the Resources page. Watch this space for updates on the next release.

Intel Labs Open House in Santa Clara 5 August


Intel Labs Open House in Santa Clara, California

August 5th

Perumal_Intel_Labs_1_SmallSoftware Engineer at Intel Labs Europe (ILE) and TIMBUS member Perumal Kuppuudaiyar has been introducing the TIMBUS approach to researchers and developers in the US. His presentations garnered keen interest at the Intel Labs Open House in Santa Clara and Portland last month, gaining wider international attention for the TIMBUS project. To read more about the event, follow the link to the Presentations page.

TIMBUS Partner SAP Recruiting New Placement Student

SAP are offering positions for placement students to join their Belfast team for
6-12 months. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a team using advanced cutting edge technology and help guide future research and products.

Legal Aspects of Digital Preservation, published by Edward Elgar Publishing

Check out the Foreword to Legal Aspects of Digital Preservation from the TIMBUS team now available for free on Edgaronline.

Legal Aspects of Digital Preservation by Thomas Hoeren, Barbara Kolany-Raiser, Silviya Yankova, Martin Hecheltjen and Konstantin Hobel tackles challenges to digital preservation posed by Intellectual Property, Data Protection, and other legal strictures, challenges also addressed in TIMBUS tools and methodology.