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TIMBUS tutorials at iPres - Early bird deadline

There are 2 exciting TIMBUS tutorials offered at iPres 2013,
2 September2013, Lisbon, Portugal, 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects,

From Preserving Data to Preserving Research: Curation of Process and Context

(run at iPres and at TPDL)

In the domain of eScience, investigations are increasingly collaborative. Most scientific and engineering domains benefit from building on the outputs of other research: by sharing information to reason over and data to incorporate in the modeling task at hand. This raises the need for preserving and sharing entire eScience workflows and processes for later reuse. We need to define which information is to be collected, create means to preserve it and approaches to enable and validate the re-execution of a preserved process. This includes and goes beyond preserving the data used in the experiments, as the process underlying its creation and use is essential.

The TIMBUS project and Wf4Ever project team up for this half-day tutorial to provide an introduction to the problem domain and discuss solutions for the curation of eScience processes.

Legal Challenges in the Preservation Lifecycle – How to Address and how to Solve them


Legal aspects of digital preservation activities and the legal risks that motivate digital preservation are often underrepresented in digital preservation and computer science conferences, tutorials and workshops. But legal aspects are influencing nearly all preservation activities, and at the same time provide a strong motivation for preserving digital artefacts. The TIMBUS project endeavours to enlarge the understanding of the preservation of business processes and services. One focus of the project is the research of legal questions, amongst them:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Rights related to databases, computer programs, documents
  • Data Protection regulations
  • Legal obligations for preserving data in various sectors
  • IT contracting issues

The legal research questions addressed in TIMBUS apply to digital preservation in general and introduce the digital preservation community to this area of research. In this tutorial we want to raise awareness of legal aspects and want to discuss and illustrate different challenges and potential solutions for these legal issues.

Luckily the iPres early bird registration deadline has been extended to 15 July. Sign up soon!